Turnkey projects

Warehousing and inventory management

A turnkey project with VIF Plastics includes a lot more than material selection, piece design, mold manufacturing, plastic piece molding by injection and product assembly: molds and piece warehousing, stock and sending management along with the entire production schedule are also operations we take in charge.
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As owners of a 120,000 ft² facility offering warehouse space for more than 5,500 pallets, we offer the storage area necessary to warehouse your products until their shipment to the final destination. Thus, you save on transportation fees and the added expense of subcontracting warehouse space.

Inventory management

The bare code identification enables us to keep a close eye on your inventories and thus managing them efficiently. Each box and pallet are clearly identified, eliminating any time or product loss. This traceability is even easier to do thanks to our integrated management system: our staff follows the statement of your inventory and knows the availability of each machine in real time. This way, the response time is quick for any production, whether they are planned or improvised.

Kanban system

We offer you a flexible and customized warehousing service according to your needs. We can use for you a kanban production plan ensuring the continuous availability of your pieces. As soon as your inventory goes under the amount preset with you, another production starts. A strict follow-up is always made during your production process, and every step is documented. There is no pending production. We even invite you to see by yourself how your pieces are produced, managed and stored in our facilities.

Tooling always available

Since we maintain our equipments daily, your mold is always available and ready for another production. Each plastic injection press is synchronized with our management system, which has many benefits: VIF's staff members quickly define the production volume of each mold, plan preventive maintenance and react to every unexpected event and urgent request from you. In fact, every aspect is established according to the others: the number of cycles for a given mold, the maintenance and the production schedule.