Turnkey projects

Secondary operations & subcontracting

We offer our services to companies across Québec, Ontario and the Northeast United States for all secondary operations required in manufacturing their plastic pieces. All finishing services related to plastic injection molding: painting, plating, metalizing, water transfer, etc. can be done in-house or through subcontracting:
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Get comprehensive support throughout your product's life cycle thanks to our turnkey approach. Save on production costs, management and transportation by working with a single company for all your secondary operations.

Plastic parts: painting & finishing

Thanks to a partnership with two subcontractors, we can paint your parts any color you wish and our knowledge will guide you in choosing the right plastic: TPO, nylon, PC-ABS, etc. The strength of the process ensures consistent color on each production run. You also have several finish choices such as matte and polished.


For the commercial and industrial production of your products, we offer all types of welding, including ultrasonic bonding which is a durable solution enabling us to join two plastic parts. We also offer hot-plate welding and spin welding.