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Quality planning

We specialize in the custom engineering & design of plastic injection parts for operations in all industrial or commercial sectors. Our services include reverse engineering, meteorology, Moldflow software and all other quality planning processes and tools for your products.
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The development of the quality planning and design of your parts go hand in hand. Together, we establish performance tests and critical specifications so the component or mold design follows your criteria. Our strict and proven error prevention process enables you to save on post-production quality assurance operations.

Strict quality control

Our approach is based on best practices in the automotive industry. Our employees are trained according to the advanced product quality planning technique (APQP) of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). Several tools are used: process charts, failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA), inspection plans, first article inspections (FAI), poka-yoke, work instructions and process parameters.

Plastic piece inspection

We inspect plastic pieces on each step. A vision system can be added to each station for a strict inspection: cameras can detect everything as they are more efficient than human eye. The consistency is thus 100% ensured. Moreover, capacity and repetitiveness studies are undertaken regularly, and results are assessed by various tools: conventional measure tools, coordinate measuring machines (CMM), dedicated measuring models and high-precision indicators. By aiming a rejection rate of 0 ppm, VIF Plastics offers you an optimal and cost-effective productivity.

Verification tests on each step

We undertake verification tests required by our clients for their pieces before, during and after their production. Our experts define with extreme precision which methods are needed to make you save, whether it is when choosing the raw material, conceiving prototypes or undertaking performance simulations. Moreover, you can be sure your productions are managed by experienced employees who know well your specifications: we benefit from a highly stable workforce with a very low turnover rate.