Turnkey projects


As injection molders and manufacturers, we offer complete assembly capacity that can adapt to any type of plastic and mold format. Our facility allows for the assembly of complex parts, whether on dedicated production lines or directly on injection molding machines.
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30 to 40% of assembly is automated, reducing labor costs and total assembly time. Our structured procedures (Product Development Process (PDP) and Product Quality Planning (APQP)), together with our vast experience, allow us to predict assembly errors before even starting operations. Moreover, VIF Plastics validates each step, ensuring quality products.

Custom assembly

For our industrial clients across Québec, Ontario and the Northeast United States, we offer personalized jig assembly. These customer-specific assembly services are done in-house, reducing labor and transportation costs in addition to offering unequaled consistency for each production run. Depending on your needs, the VIF team proceeds with manual or robotic assembly of your plastic parts. Benefit from our experience in direct-press sub-assembly and robot-assisted assembly.

Vision system verification

Plastic part assembly jigs may include a camera inspection system, guaranteeing assembly accuracy so that all assembled parts are verified for 100% performance. In addition, a Poka-Yoke detection device prevents human and mechanical errors.

Validating product performance

Depending on your needs and requests, we validate the performance of your injection plastic parts. We administer performance tests for watertightness, tightening torque, etc. Because our tools are calibrated at the beginning of every shift, your parameters are always under control.

During production, if critical specifications or statistical process controls must be set up, strict performance tests are available for jigs to confirm that all parts meet the required standards. You will receive all related documentation for each production stage.