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6-axis robotics

Everything is in place to maximize the production of your plastic parts. Robotizing our equipment ensures the consistency and superior quality of your parts, while helping you save thanks to our turnkey solutions.
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6-axis robotics offer additional advanced manipulations, both inside the mold and outside the machine. Vision systems, along with qualified personnel near every machine, are sure evidence of reliability and efficiency. The team's expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology make each VIF production a true success.

Presses with up to 2,000 tons locking force

We have injection presses offering 40 to 2,000 tons locking force and 12 robotic systems of plastic injection molding. Our 6-axis Fanuc robots perform various operations such as overmolding, blanking, bonding, camera inspection, etc. Their functions help us ensure shorter life cycles and improved repetitive operations. These robots have very fast abilities in gripping, sorting, unloading, part post-molding, etc. Our automated systems can integrate inserts, labels or other components into your parts.

In-house expertise

All robotic programming, maintenance and repairs are done in-house by our robotics technicians. No matter the changes you need to make, our experts apply them to the assembly, sorting or other programs, thereby reducing delays and eliminating transportation, subcontracting or repair costs. We ensure quick and highly accurate support because each of your project's robots is especially configured to optimize your production. Benefit from continuous service 24 hours a day.