Mold manufacturing

Asian manufacturing partners

Since 2002, we have created strong, reliable and competitive Asian partnerships. This important alliance with Asia translates into substantial savings on your mold production costs, without compromising quality.
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The expertise of VIF Plastics, combined with our partners' large-scale production capabilities, ensures you have impeccable design, rapid turn-around times and thorough verification, no matter the complexity of your parts or the number of molds required.

Proven and efficient process

Our team, trained in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and in Product Development Process (PDP), has all the expertise and technology necessary to optimize your product. While the design, production and quality planning are undertaken in our plant, the manufacturing of your mold by our partners is strictly monitored. Your product is verified, modified and approved by our experts at each stage until it meets your expectations. To date, this process, proven many times over, has given us a 100% success rate.

Competitive pricing and short deadlines

At VIF Plastics, we are devoted to respecting your deadlines and your budget. Our long-term partners are indisputably well established and efficient. We are able to deliver high-quality, finished products within only a few weeks, and at a competitive price.

Solutions that meet your needs

Depending on the number of parts you need to produce and the available deadlines, VIF Plastics can offer various money-saving options. According to your priorities, production can be transferred partially or entirely to our partners. As for maintenance, engineering changes or other services, you have all you need under one roof!