Mold manufacturing

Design & engineering of plastic products

At VIF, we are specialized in the design and engineering of plastic products and injection molds for all industry sectors. Whether your project is only an idea or you have already finalized physical or virtual 3D models, we will guide you in designing plastic products that meet your needs, while respecting predetermined deadlines.
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Because each project is unique, we offer a turnkey approach including various services such as: industrial design, material strength calculation through Finite-Element Analysis (FEA), 2D & 3D technical drawing, rapid prototyping service and any other technical request related to your project.

We will design and manufacture your plastic injection molds. We also offer assembling jigs and foolproof devices (poka-yoke), along with other automated techniques specially adapted to your piece.

Multidisciplinary team

Our experts undertake your project and accompany you from start to production. Our team includes industrial designers, robotics technicians, designers, project managers, engineers, quality process technicians and tool makers to work on your project. They will guide you in choosing the material and design in order to find the best price-quality ratio for your part.

Sound process

Our integrated Product Development Process (PDP) ensures that all your needs are met at every phase, from product design to tooling development to process confirmation and finally to production. Thanks to a well-defined plan each step of the way, you can easily follow the evolution of your project.

Each product element is strictly verified: virtual stress analysis, virtual flow analysis, physical performance tests, resistance tests, etc.

The power of experience

Our experience in manufacturing processes relating to plastic molding enables us to offer various cost reduction options. In some cases, for example, we may suggest regrouping several product parts in order to reduce production and assembly costs. In other cases, we may offer to change the design or manufacturing process to reduce tooling and production costs.

Our extensive experience in Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) combined with our PDP enable us to achieve perfect designs because all product specifications are verified before entering the production stage.