Mold manufacturing

Mold design & manufacturing

We design and manufacture high-quality, plastic injection for over 30 countries worldwide. In operation since 1973, our extensive industry experience allows us to anticipate potential problems before they even arise. Thanks to our solid process at VIF Plastics, our plastic injection mold manufacturing expertise enables us to design products that are easy and affordable to produce.
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Every year, we manufacture hundreds of molds of all shapes and intricacies. Because we are a leader in the field of injection mold manufacturing, we offer all necessary expertise on staff. Before producing your mold, our team of experts assesses, optimizes and validates design prior to production. Thanks to these high standards and quality planning, a VIF mold can be used for more than one million cycles with very little maintenance required.


If you want to validate and test your design prior to manufacturing the mold, an aluminum or steel prototype mold can be designed and later reused in small-scale production. Depending on your deadlines and budget, rapid prototype production is possible with the help of local or overseas suppliers. For all other requests, we will give our utmost attention and offer innovative solutions that are sure to meet your needs.

Full-service machining

We operate a full-service machine shop department enabling us to manufacture molds on-site from A to Z. This means that confiding your changes and repairs to VIF Plastics offers many benefits: production can restart quickly and you do not suffer from delays or additional transportation costs at this stage. Moreover, all tooling is done to meet your specifications. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures a quality product, surpassing industry standards.